You want to show up in life like a boss - with people that love you, a calling that fulfills you, a spiritual practice that uplifts you, and super manifestation powers that get you anything your heart desires.


Do you believe it is possible?

Even if a small part of you says yes, congrats! this life you are searching is also looking for you.

It is time to show up and claim it like you mean it.










 7 reasons why I should be your coach today


1. I hear this all the time, "I've read all this stuff and know it intellectually but it doesn't work for me." Here is why: the techniques and theories you learn from spiritual books and workshops are not tailored to your needs, and cannot offer you intuitive guidance for your blind spots, and customized action steps that grow and evolve with you.

As your coach, I can guide you to become aware of your hidden limiting patterns, your emotional triggers, as well as the unique gifts and resources that are designed specifically for you to transform your life and make an impact in the world.

2. With my training and experience in Akashic Records (soul records healing) and past life regression, I can take you beyond space and time to heal past trauma, release toxic ties and break soul contracts that are causing the lack, the fears and the stubborn self-sabotaging patterns. Too woo woo for you? We can also play safe and stick to this lifetime. 

3. As a certified hypnotist and Reiki Master Teacher, I work with all aspects of you - your conscious and unconscious mind, and your energy. I can teach you simple methods to reprogram disempowering patterns so you can get out of your own way. 

4. Did you know that our energy creates our reality? Using quantum coaching methods and my 5-step manifestation formula, I will show you how to create anything you desire in life.

5. Though I have been "spiritual" (a term I use loosely) my entire life and have trained with various innovative spiritual teachers, I am not here to bore you with dried up theories and practices. My laser-sharp focus will be on where you are now and where you want to be, and I will incorporate customized tools that are the best fit for you to create the life you want.

6. We will clarify your vision, identify what you truly want, break down your goals into concrete steps, and create a clear and effective plan for you to get to where you want to go.

7. You will have full FREE access to my Member Only Library for additional emotional healing, goal setting and powerful manifestation tools. 

It’s such a great feeling to actually be guided by someone in real life as opposed to reading about this information in books. As a result of coaching with Juliet, I realize that the dark times are truly gifts, and my current reality is only a reflection of the past and not the ultimate reality. Cherishing and caring for the power of the present is what creates the future. I am committed to not wait until the future to start choosing other beliefs over my old ones or wait until I feel like ‘I’m ready’ to start sharing my gifts and passions with the world.
— Vicky Golding, Switzerland
Juliet is a fantastic person. She is well versed on many healing and esoteric subjects...her sensitivity and intuition is terrific - she has walked the walk that she talks. Juliet has her own unique approach and she is very thorough and excellent at what she does. She is also very educated and can manage the “real world” in tandem with the intangible realms in a natural and practical fashion.
— Aryn Cole, NYC

Life coaching Programs - Skype/Phone Only

Mastering self & transformation program

 Time to release the past and be the person you are born to be.

WHY? So you can look and feel your best, have an awesome love life, eat, sleep and exercise better, use your talents to create passion projects that also support you, have the courage to leave the broken past behind, and enjoy more free time for yourself and your loved ones. 

Mastering life & manifestation program

Time to step into your power and create the life you are meant to live.

WHY? So you can have the freedom to do or have things you have always wanted, see returns (love, prosperity & joy) from life in every area you invest in, wake up knowing you are living your purpose, make a positive difference for loved ones and your community, and enjoy life from a heart-centered place.