Ways to Work With Me

Single 90-minute Intuitive Reading & Coaching Session

This session is for those who are looking for intuitive guidance, direction and movement, quick tools and steps to dissolve an obstacle or manifest a desire, and/or are curious to "try on" coaching with me. 

3-month Intuitive Coaching and Mentoring Program

If you are committed to your growth and expansion, and cannot wait to work with powerful tools, mind hacks and practices to begin living your soul's desires, this coaching program is designed to meet you exactly where you are and help you bridge dreams and reality.

1:1 In-person Reiki Training - Women Only

This training is a result of my integrative approach combined with healing and coaching, and goes beyond a regular Reiki training. It is suitable for women who are looking to get into the healing profession, or wanting to heal themselves and loved ones. Levels I, II, III and Master.

The Process

The coaching and mentoring process takes you beyond your body and mind to the one component of you that holds infinite power and wisdom – your True Essence. It is from here that all your dreams are birthed, and manifested into reality.

Your body has you believe that you may be too young or too old to Be, Do and Create your soul’s cravings. Your mind convinces you that you lack the worth, gifts or conditions to design a life that reflects your truth, power and highest potential.  

The coaching process invites you to unlearn everything that is NOT you, experience quantum leaps in personal growth, and consciously call in what you desire in the areas of love, calling and career, and spiritual development. 

Each coaching | mentoring session is highly customized to your needs, energy and journey, and is an alchemy of ancient wisdom and modern science. Quantum life coaching, intuitive guidance and insights, conscious manifestation techniques, past life regression or trance work, remote energy clearing, soul retrieval, as well as visualization and mindfulness techniques are woven in this process to initiate deep shifts and profound transformations for you to become the person you are born to be. 

Some Common Results

Single intuitive coaching session

Along the way, you will:

  • Master consciously creating every desire from your heart
  • Cultivate authentic relationships with yourself and others, and call in your soul tribe
  • Become a magnet for abundance, success, love and joy
  • Awaken to your voice, potential, purpose and soul gifts
  • Remember why your soul chose this tantalizing journey called life, and how to make the most of it
  • Uncover secrets and hidden keys to your own healing and expansion
  • Experience greater Oneness, intuition and presence
  • Release limitations you’ve inherited from others
  • Reprogram unconscious patterns that have disempowered you in the past
  • Activate the magic of harnessing the power behind all forces in life to co-create with Source

By finally becoming YOU and saying yes to your unique dreams, you will also inspire, empower and liberate all those around you.


Who benefits the most?

While each step of this journey is beautiful and I honor all paths, my coaching is most suitable for those who:

  • Understand the body/mind/spirit connection and have experienced an awakening of some sort.
  • Show up for themselves and in life, and can take personal responsibility for their results. 
  • May have worked with therapists, energy healing, shamans, plant medicine, meditation, etc., and are eager for more.
  • Have manifested success in some areas in life (health, love, career/prosperity, or spiritual growth) but are yearning for more fulfillment in the other areas.

It’s been truly life changing for me. I worked through a huge block with my father. I’m working on shifting out of my career and really changing my life. Coaching with Juliet is just wonderful. She is insightful and understanding, there is no judgement - she holds the space for me to explore and open. She offers steps to move forward and help me understand the internal change. As a result of coaching with Juliet, I am more aware of myself in terms of what I need to do to nurture myself physically, emotionally and spiritually.
— Alexandra H, NJ
Juliet was really supportive spiritually and simultaneously coaching me and providing me with guidance to help me move forward in life. My time with Juliet really gave me so much insight and food for thought on the lingering questions on my mind. She was wonderfully caring and intuitive. It opened up new ways for me to channel my own energy in productive way and regain my own hope instead of feeling stuck. For me, the experience was immensely invaluable!
— Carrie L, NY
Juliet is a fantastic person. She has her own unique approach and is very thorough and excellent at what she does. She is also very educated and can manage the ‘real world’ in tandem with the intangible realms in a natural and practical fashion. Her sensitivity and intuition is terrific - she has walked the walk that she talks.
— Aryn Elaine, NY
Juliet structured each session beautifully so they built on top of one another in both lessons and healing. She led me through many beautiful meditations and mantras. She also gives great, high vibe advice and is a genuine listener. We really worked on self-love and acceptance. Her sage advice only added to my increase in trusting the universe and myself.
— Alden G, NY